New Additions to the Temple

Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple of Utah is pleased to announce that we are in the process of procuring Utsava Murthy(s) of our deities and vahana(s) for our main deities. We humbly request all devotees to participate in this rare opportunity to be part of bringing in these divine additions to our Temple. The murthy(s) and vahana(s) will be constructed of panchaloha (metal).

Utsava Murthy

What is a Utsava Murthy?

Utsava Murthy refers to the proxy icon of the main deity in a Temple which is prominently used during festivals / occasions (utsavas). In the Vedic tradition, at a Temple the main deity in the Sanctum Sanctorum is fixed in a single place and is called as ‘Moola Vigraha’. The Temple also has a smaller form of the main deity called as ‘Utsava Murthy’ which is decorated and taken in processions during major occasions. The divine energy through the Utsava Murthy is passed on to all forms of life.

The Temple is planning to bring in the following Utsava murthy forms :

  • Sri Durga

  • Sri Mahalakshmi

  • Sri Saraswati

  • Sri Narasimha

  • Sri Ayyappa



What is a Vahana?

In the Temple traditions, ‘Vahanas’ refer to the shoulder-borne conveyances—usually in the form of an animal or a character from the mythology associated with the deity. This is used to carry the Utsava Murthy in a procession during   festivals (utsavas).

Each deity has a specific vahana associated. For example, Lord Ganesha has the Mooshika Vahana, Lord Shiva has the Nandi Vahana, Lord Vishnu has the Garuda Vahana or Sesha Vahana.

Our Temple is planning to procure the following Vahanas:

  • Mooshika Vahana (Lord Ganesha)

  • Mayura Vahana (Lord Muruga)

  • Nandi Vahana (Lord Shiva)

  • Garuda Vahana (Sri Venkateswara)

  • Sesha Vahana (Sri Venkateswara)

  • Gaja Vahana (Common for deities)

Example pictures of Vahanas:


Sponsorship Options

All Utsava Murthy and all vahanas

All Utsava Murthy or all vahana

One Utsava Murthy or vahana

One Utsava Murthy or vahana

One Utsava Murthy or Vahana

  • The Temple will notify the sponsors ahead of the first puja or the day it will be dedicated to the deities. The sponsors will be able to participate in the consecration ceremony.

  • The exact time of delivery of these Utsava Murthy(s) and Vahana(s) are unknown due to the existing Covid restrictions in India.

  • All donations are tax deductible

  • If you have any additional questions, Please write to sponsorships@utahganesha.org