1142 West, South Jordan Parkway , South Jordan, Utah, 84095


A non profit organization under IRS Code 501(c) (3) | Temple Tax ID # 87 054 1283 

Executives - 2019


Satish Nachaegari – President
Narayanan Jayaraman – Vice President 
Narendra Pandya - Vice President
Suma Ramdas – Treasurer
Mallesham Manchala - Secretary
Sunita Raman – Joint Treasurer
Gopika Kamtekar – Joint Secretary


Chaitanya Achan
Gururaja Bandiatmakur

Adi Gundlapalli
Krishna Sundar
Neale Nealameggham
Savithry (Priya) Mahalingam  
Shyamala Chivukula 
Sneha Kasera  
Venka Subramanyan



Prasad Trilokekar – President
Vijaya Koppala - Vice President
Bharani Srinivasan - Vice President
Swapna Gudipaty – Treasurer
Niraja Sahasrabudhe - Secretary
Rohit Raghuveer - Joint Treasurer

Hemant Gore- Joint Secretary

Office Managers

Sreedha Madhavankutty 

Sreedha Madhavankutty is the Office Manager (Finance) of our Temple, and the India Cultural Center. She manages accounting and finance tasks for both organizations. 

Before joining us in Feb of 2018, Sreedha spent more than six years as a Bank Teller, Audit Clerk and Audit Associate with financial companies in India. She has also worked as a freelance Website Developer for many small businesses in the U.S. She holds a degree in Master of Business Administration, in addition to an Associate Degree in Computer Science and Information Systems 

Sreedha is married and the mother of twin children –Veda and Vyas. She enjoys gardening, and developing websites and Apps in her hard-earned spare time!

Deepika Singareddy

Deepika Singareddy is the Office Manager (Operations) of our Temple, and the India Cultural Center.

Deepika has been working for us since March of 2016, soon to be completing three years of relentless service! Deepika is the “go-to person”, juggling the numerous and varied tasks of property management, office administration, event planning and organization and web master, to name a few. 

Deepika has a Master’s Degree in Computer Management. After working as a QA Analyst for over four years, she made a big switch to offer her time and skills to the Temple and ICC.

When not working, Deepika enjoys hand-embroidery and needlework. Deepika is married with one daughter - Shritha, who shares her mother’s passion for Bharathnatyam --an Indian classical dance form.