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Guidelines for the Devotees

Dear Devotees,

We Request Your Cooperation And Assistance In Maintaining A Quiet And Peaceful Atmosphere In The Temple.


Please Follow These Guidelines:


  • Please DO NOT TOUCH The Deities

  • Please Do Not Light Any Diyas (Lamps) Or Incense Inside The Temple

  • Please Respect The Privacy Of Devotees Who Are Praying Or Meditating

  • Please Do Not Talk While The Pooja Is In Progress

  • Please Control Your Children. No RUNNING Or PLAYING In The Temple

  • Set Your Cell Phones, PDAs And Pagers To SILENT Mode While In The Temple

  • All Prasadam Is Prepared By The Temple Priest Only

  • Please Do Not Bring Any Cooked Food Items Into The Temple For Offering

  • You Can Offer Milk, Fruits, And Flowers

  • Please Do Not Eat Inside The Temple

  • Photography Is STRICTLY PROHIBITED In The Temple

  • Footwear Is Not Allowed In The Temple

  • Leave Your Footwear On The Storage Shelves

Dress code:

  • Modest Clothing Is Required.

  • All Clothing Must Cover Shoulders And Knees

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