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An Appeal  for Expansion Loan Pledge Drive

This year marks a significant milestone in our Temple, with 2018being the 25th year when the Temple concept was first discussed by a few community members in the summer of 1993.  It is appropriate that we have completed our major Temple and ICC expansion on this significant anniversary. The current expansion project was initiated in the fall of 2014 and the project completed in late summer 2018.

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Highlights of the expansion project

  • Addition of approximately 8000 sq. ft new area to the original temple area thereby increasing total area to approximately 12,000 sq. ft 

  • Increase of the hall occupancy from 200 to 400  Construction of a 35 feet tall Rajagopuram 

  • Construction of brand new shrines for all deities except Ganesha  and consecration of new marble idols of Sri Ram Parivar, Sri Radha Krishna and granite idols of Sri Dakshinamurthy and Sri Karthikeya, Valli & Devasena 

  • Installation of a Dwajastambham and Bali Peetam in the front courtyard 

  • Construction of a new prasada room and prayer room 

  • Addition of three new class rooms and a dance studio 

  • Transformation of the cinder block structures by artistic Indian shilpis into beautiful and aesthetic shrines for all deities 

  • Addition of 108 new parking stalls

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Loan Information

Currently the loan is being serviced from the general operating budget in the amount of approximately $90,000 per year.  The fund raising committee is working hard to raise additional five year pledges to pay down this loan. The goal of this new pledge drive is to raise a minimum of $500,000 with a target of $750,000. 
The new pledges will used solely to accelerate the re-payment of the expansion loan. By paying down this loan in the next five years, we can minimize the interest payments and the possibility of the loan amount increasing because of any adjustment to interest rates after the initial 5 year term. Also paying off the loan aggressively will free up additional capital from the operating budget in future years for other capital projects.    All new pledges start in 2018 and are due before the end of 2022 ( 5 years) in  equal payments due  each year.  As a devotee and a long-time supporter of the Temple, we sincerely request you to please consider becoming a new pledgee to help this effort.  


Donor Recognition / Pledge Information


All  donors will be recognized by updating your contributions on the donor  recognition plaque in the main lobby in 2019. 

All new pledges start in 2018 and are due before the end of 2022 (5 years) and  equal payments due  each year. 

I (we) pledge 

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