• As per sastra, sampradaya and the advice of great acharyas, it is strongly recommended that you perform Sandhyavandanam every day leading up to the event

  • Gayatri Japam as part of Sandhyavandanam ensures that you are eligible to participate in Maharudram and your mind and body are tuned to absorb the mantra shakti of the Rudram

  • A minimum of 5008 Gayatri Japam is recommended to be completed before the event

  • You are encouraged to bring your own panchapatram and uddharani for Sandhyavandanam


  • The dress code for the event is deeksha vastram provided by the temple: Panchakacham and angavastram for Gruhasthas  or regular dhoti with angavastram for Brahmacharis

  • In addition to the deeksha vastram provided by the temple, please bring a second set of dhoti and angavastram for use during bhojanam


  • Please eat only the food cooked specially for Ritwiks at the temple

  • Do not change into casual attire until the bhojanam is complete

  • After meals or using the restroom, do achamana prior to resuming chanting


  • We request complete concentration and dedication while chanting for the welfare of everyone

  • Talking or other forms of communication such as hand-signs should be minimized

  • Absolutely no cellphone usage during chanting and inside the prayer hall

  • Do not get up during the chanting except when the Pradhana Acharya permits

  • Always follow the directions provided by the Pradhana Acharya

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