Priest Service Booking Process

1. Devotee can request for a priest service/puja at or by sending an email with their phone number and the type of service to be performed.  


2. The office manager will verify the request and forward it to the Priest(s). 


3. The Priest will call the devotee to finalize a suitable date and time for the puja. 


4. The service is then booked in our system and a confirmation email with the booking reference number is sent to the devotee with the payment link. 


5.The devotee enters the booking reference number and pays for the Puja . 


6. On the day of the puja, the Priest will ensure that the devotee is following all guidelines previously agreed to. 


Please Note: Priest can cancel the puja if the devotee fails to follow the guidelines. No reimbursement will be given in this case.