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India Needs Fund - Cyclone Fani

On May 3rd 2019, eastern India was hit by the most severe cyclone in the last 20 years - Fani.  There has been loss of life, and displacement of several families due to widespread damage to property and infrastructure. The worst affected State is Odisha. 
The State and Central governments, several NGOs and volunteer efforts are providing relief measures to the victims of this devastating cyclone.  

Please donate generously to help with this effort.

Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple of Utah and India Cultural Center of Utah have in the past raised funds for such causes to help relief needs in India. The funds are called "India Needs Funds".
Note that donations to Temple/ICC are tax deductible.

Once a certain threshold of funds are reached we will reach out organizations like Sewa International to pass it over for relief needs.
Please send in your donations with a note "India Needs Funds – Cyclone Fani Relief 2019".
If you wish to contribute to general bucket of India Needs Fund for future needs please mark it as "India Needs Funds - General".

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Thank you for all your help.