Agreement for services in Temple Hall 



This document lays out the guidelines that a SGHTU Priest and a Devotee who is visiting the Temple, need to follow during an in-campus priest service.  


  1.  On the day of the pooja or on the previous day the Manager will call the devotee and go over the health checklist. The service will only be performed at the assigned time and place if both parties and guests are in good health and both parties agree to the rules. 


        Health Checklist 

            a) Do you have a fever/temperature? - Yes/ No  

            b) Do you or anybody in your home living with you have fever, cough, cold or symptoms of                                  headache, diarrhea or vomiting in the past15 days? Yes/No 

            c) Do you have any other known symptoms of Covid-19? Yes/No  

            d) Did you travel anywhere on flights or any mode from a high-risk country or state in last 15                            days? Yes/No   


A “Yes” response to any of the above questions by either party will automatically result in the immediate cancellation of services.  


  1. On the day of the service all attending are required to put on a mask as soon as they arrive at the Temple premises. NO EXCEPTIONS. Children under 2 are not required to wear a mask. All participants must follow CDC guidelines regarding hand washing, social distancing before, after and during the service.  

     2.Devotees and their guests are required to carry their own gloves, masks and hand sanitizer.  

     3.All the Priest services will be performed in Temple Hall.   

     4.Priest will meet the devotee at the entrance to go over the guidelines once again.  

     5.It is the responsibility of the devotees to bring the puja items specified by the priests. This                         includes puja utensils like plates, cups etc. No puja items from the Temple will be used for any of             the services.  

      6.Any fruits, flowers, puja materials brought by the devotees for the service must be taken back by            the devotees. No perishable or puja items should be handed over to the priests or left at                              the temple after the service.  


       7.No-touch policy will be strictly implemented during the service.  

       8.The total number of people allowed during a pooja excluding the priest will be maintained at 6 or              less. We highly recommend that you limit your guests to immediate family members.


       9.If at any point of time, the number of people exceeds the specified limit, the service or the                         priests determine any guidelines are not being followed, the service will be stopped, and the                     devotees will be asked to leave the campus. No refunds will be provided for such cancellations.


      10.Please refrain from group photographs with the priests and guests. Photography is prohibited                inside temple hall. 

       11.The devotees are expected to provide the names and contacts of all the people present during                the service. If any attendee shows symptoms of Covid –19 within the next 14 days of the service,              it is the responsibility of the devotee to inform the Temple office of the same. The Temple will                  inform the devotee if either of the priests show Covid-19 symptoms within the next 14 days of                    the event. It will be the devotee's responsibility to inform his/her guests. Please note that in                      case of such an event the Temple is by law obligated to inform the health authority for the                          purpose of contact tracing.  


      12.The devotees will be charged a $ 25.00 maintenance fee. The devotees must pick up after their              service and ensure that the area is clean before leaving the campus. Additional fine of $75.00                  will be added if area is not cleaned after the event.  

       13.All payment for priest services to be made online via PayPal. 


        14.Dakshina in cash to priests. 

         15.Cancellation Policy: The devotees will have to give a 24-hour notice to cancel a confirmed                            event. There will be no refunds given for last minute cancellations. 

         16.The Temple board requests the co-operation from the devotees so that we can maintain a                          safe  atmosphere on the campus for the health and welfare of all involved. 


      Disclaimer: The above-mentioned guidelines can change with or without intimation based     

      on the most recent updates from the CDC and State health authorities.  



          I have read the above guidelines and agree to them 




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