Grahapravesha , House Warming

Pooja Time

2 hours

Fee (in Temple) $

Fee (outside) $


Dakshina $


List of items

50g Kumkum
50g Turmeric Powder
1 pack Camphor
1 pack Incense Sticks
2 bunches of Flowers
12 Betel Leaves
1pack Whole Betel Nut
12 Bananas
3 kinds of Fruits (6 each)
3 Coconuts
4 lbs Raw Rice
22 Coins Of Any Denomination
200g Ghee (cont. next page)
8 Lemons
Any Sweet – Prasadam
1 gallon Milk
1 small vessel for boiling milk
4 plates
Oil for Deepam (lamp)
Match Box or Lighter and Photo or Vigraham of any God – worshipped by devotee

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